About Blind Crow Productions LLC


A tradition carried on in the Memory of our founder and dearly missed friend

Paul "PK"Kenney




Blind Crow Productions LLC is a group dedicated to helping youth experience a business like atmosphere.  Everyone is involved in the design layout and running of the Haunted attraction and the various gags or scenes.  Blind Crow is in its 22nd year and has spent twelve of those in the District of Rock Island, Four years were spent working with The Factory Of Fear in an equal partnership.  While working with the Factory of Fear, we were rated #1 three years in a row.  We are also the owners of www.hauntedqc.com a website dedicated to local Halloween happenings.



Blind Crow Productions LLC is dedicated to complying with the state and city Fire and Building Codes.  We are inspected by the state amusement department and local fire department.  We provide proof of insurance and sign a Hold Harmless and Indemnify Agreement.


Haunted House Industry Financials

The haunted attraction industry generates between 300 and 500 million dollars in ticket sales.  This figure would include most major theme parks that operate a haunted event.  The haunted attraction industry would generate roughly 300 million dollars in revenue and the amusement park industry another 150 to 200 million dollars.  The industry of haunting supports hundreds of other businesses across America from vendors that supply haunted house effects, props, costumes, masks, animations and more. Additionally, haunted houses spend tens of millions of dollars on building supplies, advertisement, insurance and much more.  We estimate that the haunted house industry solely drives the popularity of Halloween and Halloween retail through the spending of roughly 85 million dollars on advertisement of events.

Haunted House Safety

Haunted Houses and attractions are EXTREMELY safe due to tough safety and fire codes they must all now live by.  Most haunted houses inside a building are required to have a sprinkler system, early warning smoke or heat detectors which will alert the fire department, emergency lights, fire proofing of all materials inside the attractions, industrial electric applications, easy access doors throughout the attraction, panic hardware exit doors, multiple fire extinguishers, panic systems, and much more.  Most haunts now must also be ADA compliant and have no trap doors or items on the floor that could cause trips and falls.  Our members work with local and state officials to make sure that our attractions are up to code and safe for our guests.



Over 80% of all haunted attractions across America are operated by a charity or help to benefit a charity of some kind.  The haunted house industry helps to raise tens of millions of dollars for charities nationwide.  Many fire departments or church groups produce haunted attractions nationwide.  Haunts have worked with major charities like Boys and Girls Club and Children's Miracle Network to everything in between.
In 2010, many of our members teamed up with the TRUTH campaign to help push their message and hosted their street team on-location at their attractions.


 Frightening Facts About Halloween

  • Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the United States

  • Approximately one hundred countries celebrate Halloween

  • Over seven billion dollars is spent yearly on candy, costumes and activities in the United States alone

  • Approximately 90% of all households, with children, will participate in a Halloween activity.  The most common demographics for this season are teens and young adults 18-34.

  • Research shows that people enjoy being scared while in a safe environment such as attending a movie, on a thrill ride or at a haunted house and they are willing to pay for the experience.



Can food admission discount.  You will received $1.00 off admission and all canned goods that are collected will be donated to a local food pantry.